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Articles that are marked with one star (*) indicates that the article is in a "How to" format and can be used for e.g. troubleshooting.

1. Recycling and Green Printing - Learn about Recycling and Green Printing
2. Printer and Printing Help - Get help and solve your printer and printing problems
3. Printer Technology - Inkjet, Laser, Dot Matrix and Solid Ink printer technology
4. Printer Supplies - Learn about the different types of printer supplies
5. Printer Programming & Software - PostScript, GhostScript, PDF, Software
6. Printer Manufacturers - List of all printer manufacturers

Recycling and Green Printing

» Cartridge Recycling - Learn why and how to recycle your printer cartridges *
» Green Printing - Tips for printing greener, learn how to save ink, paper and money *
» Web Page Printing  - Reduce ink, toner and paper waste when printing web pages *
» Printer Software - Links to useful printer software. Save money and reduce waste
» Remanufactured Cartridges - Why you should buy remanufactured cartridges
» Solid Ink Printers - Solid Ink Printers have a low environmental impact
» Sustainability Matters Daily - Learn more about products with low environmental impact

Printer and Printing Help

» Printer and Printing Troubleshooting Guide - Start your search for help here!*
» Printer Problems - How to solve common printer problems *
» Print Quality Problems - How to solve common print quality problems *
» Handling Ink Cartridges - How to store and install ink cartridges *
» Print Head Cleaning - How to clean a printers print head *
» Printer Driver Download - Find a new printer driver for your printer
» Printer Manuals Download - Lost your printer manual? Find it here!
» Print Durability - How to make your inkjet prints more durable  *

» Printer Test Page - How to print a printer test page *
» Printing Web Pages - How to format the web page layout before printing *

Printer Technology

» All-in-one Printers - All about all-in-one-printers
» CMY Color Model - A definition of the term CMY
» CMYK Color Model - A definition of the therm CMYK
» Dot Matrix Printers - All about Dot Matrix Printers
» Inkjet Printers - All about Inkjet Printers
» Laser Printers - All about Laser Printers
» Printer Nozzle - A definition of the term printer nozzle
» Printer Driver Download - Printer driver download links for all printer brands
» Printer Fuser - A definition of the term printer fuser
» Printhead - A definition of the term printer printhead
» Solid Ink Printers - All about Solid Ink Printers

Printer Supplies

Cartridge Colors

» Black Color Cartridges - All about black color cartridges
» Cyan Color Cartridges - All about cyan color cartridges
» Magenta Color Cartridges - All about magenta color cartridges
» Red Color Cartridges - All about red color cartridges
» Yellow Color Cartridges - All about yellow color cartridges

Ink & Toner Shopping Guides

» Buy Ink Cheap- Tips on how to lower the buying cost for ink and toner cartridges *
» Buy Ink Online- Tips on what to think about before buying ink and toner online *
» Cartridge Number- Learn how to find and interpret cartridge numbers *

Printer Supply Types

» Compatible Cartridges - Definition and list of pros and cons of compatible cartridges
» OEM Cartridges - Definition and list of pros and cons of OEM cartridges
» Remanufactured Cartridges - Definition and list of pros and cons

» Ink Cartridges - Learn about inkjet ink cartridges
» Photo Paper - Learn about brightness, weight, caliper, and finish for photo paper *
» Printer Ribbons - Learn about printer ribbons
» Solid Ink Sticks - Learn about Xerox unique Solid Ink technology
» Toner Cartridges - Learn about laser toner cartridges

Printer Supply Technology

» Inkjet Ink - Learn about the differences between dye and pigment inkjet ink
» Laser Toner - Learn about the differences between dry and liquid toners
» HP Vivera Ink - Read about Vivera Ink, HP's high performance ink series

Samsung Toners

» Samsung ML 2010 Toner - Read about Samsung ML 2010 toners
» Samsung CLP 300 Toner - Read about Samsung CLP 300 toners
» Samsung ML 1740 Toner- Read about Samsung ML 1740 toners

Printer Programming and Printer Software

Printer Programming

» GhostScript - Open source PostScript interpreter
» PDF - Portable Document Format
» PostScript - Page Description Programming Language

Printer Software

» Printer Software to use - Links to useful printer software

Printer Manufacturers

Largest Printer Manufacturers

» Brother - The history of the Brother Company and its printers
» Canon - The history of the Canon Company and its printers
» Epson - The history of the Epson Company and its printers
» HP - The history of the HP Company and its printers
» Lexmark - The history of the Lexmark Company and its printers
» Samsung - The history of the Samsung Company and its printers
» Sharp - The history of the Sharp Company and its printers
» Xerox - The history of the Xerox Company and its printers

Other Printer Manufacturers

» Printer Manufacturers - A complete list of all printer manufacturers

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