Sharp Toner Cartridge

Sharp Toner Cartridge

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Sharp AL Toner, Sharp AR Toner, Sharp SF Toner Sharp FO Toner Sharp UX Toner


AL-80TD, AL-100TD, AR-150, AR-532NT1, AR500NT, AR-650NT, FO-35, FO-45ND, FO-47ND, FO-50ND, SF-214NT1, SF-216NT1

Sharp History

Sharp was founded in 1912 as the Hayakawa Metal Industrial Laboratory by Mr Tokuji Hayakawa. Based in Osaka (Japan) the company got its first hit by producing the “Ever-Sharp” mechanical pencil which was patented and sold mainly in Japan and USA.

The company changed name to Sharp Corporation in 1970 during which time Sharp had rose to a major manufacturer of television sets and calculators.

Sharp pioneered and has always been an innovator in the field of multi functional devices (MFD) such as the first FAX machine with color print capability in 1990.

Sharp is today a global powerhouse within the electronic industry producing a wide variety of products. Within the printer related sector they today produces mono/color printers, copiers, faxes and point of sale equipment.

Below you'll find the cartridges, toners and ribbons from Sharp that we have price comparision data on.

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