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Workcentre XD100, WorkCentre XD130DF


6R914, 6R881, 8R7971, 8R7972, 8R7974, 8R7660, 8R7661, 101R203, 106R364, 106R584, 113R00195, 113R173, 113R296, 113R95, 13R551

Xerox Solid Ink Printers

Read about Xerox unique Solid Ink Printers and why Solid Ink Sticks are a better choice for the environment and your wallet compared to using Toner Cartridges or Ink Cartridges.

Xerox History

Xerox started out as The Haloid Company in 1906 focusing on a photographic paper and equipment.

In 1959 Xerox released their ground breaking photocopier product which made them become a well known brand in the office market. Xerox had their bulk of their sales in copying machines until 1977 when they released the first laser printer on the market which boosted sales significantly.

Xerox are famous for their California based think tank Xerox PARC which spawned inventions like the computer mouse and graphical user interface which Apple later incorporated in their Apple Lisa computer.

Xerox are today focusing on manufacturing and selling printers, photo copiers, faxes and scanners.

Below you'll find the cartridges, toners and ribbons from Xerox that we have price comparision data on.

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