Black Color Cartridges

Most printers are primarily used for printing documents which means that the black cartridge normally runs out the fastest of all printer cartridges.

Be sure to look into the compatible black cartridge alternatives that exist for your printer model as this can cut your cost up to 70%.

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Black color in printing

The black color can be defined as the absence of all other colors. The reason that something seems to be black for the eye is that no visible colors are reflected back.

Black can be printed by combing 100% of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colors (in which case a black cartridge is not needed). Producing black by combing colors has its drawbacks and can create a color more close to brown or gray.

To produce better results the four color printing method is used in which black is added as a fourth cartridge color. This color model is represented by the acronym CMYK which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The reason that K is used instead of B in the acronym is to avoid confusion with the RGB acronym where B stands for Blue (K is also the initial character of the German word Kohle).

Save Money when buying new Black Cartridges

Compatible cartridges are a perfect buy when printing out a lot of documents. Unless you need to archive your documents or have very high demands on the print quality, go for compatible cartridges as this can cut off up to 70% of the buying cost.

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