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This article, the first in the Cheap Ink Article series, will help you save money on your next ink cartridges buy.


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HP CB338WN, HP 21, HP 45, HP 51, HP 56, HP 57, HP 70, HP 74, HP 78, HP Vivera Inks
Lexmark 10N0016, 10N0026, 12A1970, 12A1980, 15M0120, 17G0050, 18C0031, 18C0034

Cheap Ink Article Series:
2. Print smart
3. Make your printer smart

Tips for buying Ink Cheap

Buying printer ink can be very expensive if you just go to a random offline or online store. Be smart, save money and buy cheap ink by reading our five golden rules below before making your next purchase:

» Buy ink online
» Compare prices before buying
» Go for compatible cartridges instead of OEM cartridges
» Buy cartridges in a combo pack
» Start printing smart

Buy ink online

The most important thing to do is to never buy your ink on the local store or supermarket. We can guarantee you that it will be more expensive than buying your cartridges online.

The only reason to buy something in the old “brick and mortar” is if you are really in a rush and need those ink cartridges pronto. Delivery times are otherwise quick when buying online, a normal delivery time is anywhere from 3-7 days depending on which ink store (see our ink store list here!) you choose. If you want to read more about which ink store to choose and how to buy safe on the net, read our guide on how to buy ink online!

Compare prices before buying

The best thing to do before shopping anything online is of course to compare prices before buying. This is exactly what InkGuides are here for – to help find cheap cartridges and serve you with relevant information before buying.

Please remember that cost per cartridge is not always the best metric, a better one might instead be the cost per printed page. To calculate this metric, divide the ink cartridge price with the stated page yield of the cartridge. Comparing the volume in mls will not give you anything since different inks yields different amounts of pages.

Go for Compatible Cartridges instead of OEM cartridges

The OEM cartridges makers are famous for one thing – selling printers cheap and cartridges really expensive! This model was first invented by razor companies such as Gillette and has been copied by the printer makers. Because of this a lively aftermarket has been created with a lot of alternatives to instead buy a compatible cartridge as a customer.

The cheapest alternative is to go for a refill kit, in this case you do everything on your own and refill the cartridge yourself. Please note that good refill instructions are essential in order to refill successfully. There are so many cartridge models on the market that you need to have a clear guide on how to refill your specific ink cartridge.

The second cheapest alternative is to go for a compatible or remanufactured cartridges. These cartridges can be up to 70% cheaper compared to buying an OEM cartridge.

Buy cartridges in a value pack

Ink stores often sell cartridge value packages where the price per cartridge is lower when you buy a package of cartridges instead of a single cartridge. These packages often include cartridges for all colors i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Start printing smart

Above four golden rules are all related to the buying process. Your ink will not be that cheap though if you starts printing before thinking.

Read our article on how to save money and getting the most out of your printer cartridge.