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Your cartridge is out – so where to start and what to think about when searching for a replacement? help you find a new cartridge fast and guides you to the best ink deals.


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Start to buy ink online and we can guarantee you a lot of saved money and a much broader range of products to choose from.

Buy Ink Online Guide

Why buy ink online and is buying online really safe?

There really is no reason not to purchase your toner cartridges or ink cartridges online today. You will save yourself a fair amount of time and money by doing so. 

In general, online prices are up to 30-50% cheaper compared to the store on the street. The biggest advantage is the transparency giving you the possibility to compare prices and purchase conditions easily – 24 hours a day!

Online ink stores can offer you a significantly broader product range as well as more products ready for instant delivery compared to offline ink stores. The reason for this is that most online stores have lower costs due to large warehouses in low cost areas and a complete focus on only selling printer supplies.

We strongly advise you to only buy products from ink stores that have a couple of year’s history and have a reputation for being safe, reliable and low cost oriented

Shopping online will be safe if you purchase from ink stores with above characteristics. Bad news spread fast on the net so only stores with satisfied customers will be able to be in operation for many consecutive years. It’s also good to know that retail industry records show that online purchasing is as safe as buying products in a traditional street store.

General recommendations when buying ink online

  • Go for ‘visible’ ink stores: It’s better if the company have a street address then just a P.O Box. Sales and support personnel should also be contactable through a direct email address or telephone number.
  • Security: Never send your card details by email and make sure that the ink store offer you encrypted web pages when entering your order data. If you feel unsure about the payment safety we recommend you to contact the store directly by email or telephone.

All in all – buying online is secure if you take normal precautions and handle your card details as sensitive information.

How to find your ink or toner cartridge?

A good starting point is to use ink comparison websites like first. By doing so you have the possibility to search for the best offers available amongst the best known online ink stores. aggregate data from many ink stores. This gives you the benefit of searching a huge directory of available products (larger than any ink store!) while also being able to compare prices and purchase conditions directly.

When searching for products, you will normally be given three alternative ways to search:

    1. Printer brand –> Printer Series / Cartridge type –> Printer model
      Only two types of printer cartridges exist on the market. For Laser printers your cartridge type would be a toner cartridge and for Inkjet printers your cartridge type would be an ink cartridge.
    2. Printer brand –> Cartridge number
      A fast way of getting what you want is to search directly on the cartridge number. You should be able to find your cartridge number on the outside of the cartridge. Please note that this number can contain numbers as well as letters. If you have trouble finding the number, read our Cartridge Number Guide.
    3. Free text search

Which types of cartridges exist on the market?

Different alternatives exist on the market depending on if you are in search for a toner cartridge or a ink cartridge. If you want to get deeper into the subject, we recommend you reading our our articles explaining the different cartridge alternatives.

Are you allowed to use compatible or remanufactured cartridges?

One important issue that often comes up is the question if you as a buyer will void your printer’s warranty by using compatible or remanufactured ink or toner cartridges in your printer.

To be very clear: Yes you are allowed to do this and this will have no implication on your printer’s warranty! This is very clearly stated in the Magnusson-Moss Warranty act issued by the Federal Trade Commission. The printer makers cannot force you into only buying their cartridges, it’s up to you as a consumer to make the choice on what you want to buy.

How to choose which ink store to buy from?

The price of the product is not the only factor to look into when when deciding which ink store to buy from. Other important factors to take into account are:

Shipping cost and delivery time:Many ink stores offer shipping free of charge when ordering above a minimum order value. Please make sure that you check properly what conditions apply for the ink store that you are interested in buying from.

Most ink stores deliver your ordered products within a couple of days of purchase. What might affect the delivery time is the chosen delivery method and type of ordered product.

The most common cartridges for the best known printer brands are most always in stock which normally means short handling times. A general advantage with ink cartridges are that they are small and can therefore often be delivered directly to the letterbox.

Quality guarantee:Even original cartridges may fail because of production errors. In order to insure your right to replace defective cartridges, check that the ink store have a quality guarantee.

In case of production errors, the quality guarantee should clearly state under which circumstances you may exchange your bought product and what the procedure looks like. It should also include under which conditions you may have the right to a refund and how a refund should be claimed.

Customer support:If questions arise regarding your order or delivered products, there should be a customer service and a technical support to get in contact with. To many companies focus 99% on marketing and sales and leave the customer stranded as soon as the payment is done. Be sure to choose a ink store that will assist you when questions arise!