Lexmark Printer Cartridges

Lexmark Ink Cartridges and Lexmark Toner Cartridge

Lexmark Ink Cartridges and Lexmark Toner Cartridge

Finding Lexmark Ink Cartridges and Lexmark Toner Cartridges is easy here at InkGuides.com We let you compare cartridge prices on over 400 Lexmark Printer models and guide you to the cheapest Lexmark originals and compatible cartridges.

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Popular Lexmark Printer Cartridges


Lexmark History

Lexmark’s history is not as long as the other big printer brands. They started off as a spin-off from IBM’s print division in 1991. The first produced inkjet printers in 1992 was the first printers that got the Lexmark name on them instead of being co-branded with IBM.

Compared to their largest competitors Lexmark is completely focused on manufacturing printers and printer accessories with most of the products falling into the inkjet, matrix printer and laser printers field.

During their short history they have continuously been working to push printing to new areas and to broaden the market by pushing down prices making printing equipment affordable for all.

Below you’ll find the cartridges, toners and ribbons from Lexmark that we have price comparision data on.