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Poster is a small utility for making a poster, a large printed image, from an EPS file or a one-page PS document. Poster was written by Jos van Eijndhoven in 1995, and has been popular among PostScript users ever since.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a large-media printer/plotter, you can print it on that. Otherwise, Poster can print it out on your regular printer, on lots of sheets of paper which you glue together to make the poster. Please beware of the cost of ink and toner when printing posters.

Poster relies on the nature of PostScript’s vector graphics and scalable fonts: No matter how much you enlarge an image, it still looks great (as opposed to bitmap images, which get “grainy” when you enlarge them).

Poster is available as an executable DOS file, and as C source code you can compile yourself.

Poster.zip contains the following files:

  • Readme – a brief overview
  • poster.1 – A manual page (troff source, for oline installation in UNIX)
  • manual.ps – A manual page in PostScript
  • manual.txt – A manual page in ascii text, also viewable here
  • poster.exe – A compiled DOS executable
  • poster.c – The complete source code
  • Makefile – To compile ‘poster’ in UNIX environments
  • getopt.c – (which you might need for compiling)


» Download Poster.zip (54kb)
» Poster is also available in tar-gzipped  format for UNIX users. Download Poster.tgz (55kb)

Individual Poster files are available by ftp from CTAN mirror sites worldwide, usually in a directory like …/support/poster/.

A good Poster production guide can be found at the Producing posters using LaTeX page.

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