Fix Boot Device not Found hard disk (3f0) Error

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Have you been seeing messages like “boot device not found” or “boot device Found hard disk (3f0) Error” while trying to boot your system? Well, such an error might appear randomly from nowhere without giving you a chance to think and act upon it properly. But, if you go through the post, you will definitely come out with a solution(s) to get rid of this issue without needless worry. So, to have a deeper understanding of this, you may head to the following sections and learn more.

Hard disk (3f0) Error: What Is It & What Does It Mean?

This is one of the most common errors faced by users of HP devices while it may be seen on models of other brands as well. This error message generally appears on a user’s screen when there is an issue with the BIOS bt sequence. This error may also trouble you when you haven’t plugged in the boot device properly, there is a virus in your device, or your hard disk is corrupted.

To get away with this error at the earliest, you need to be sure that your hard drive is the primary boot device in your BIOS. Also, ensure that all the cables are connected properly. Else, go to to resolve the errors that you are facing at the startup.

Let’s solve the error

If you are continuously seeing that the hp tech center startup boot device not found on Windows 10 Laptop, then you may follow these instructions:

Solution 1- change the boot order

Before you begin, ensure that you are booting your device from the correct disk and should be set as the default one. If it is not done so, then you will come across error messages like “boot device not found” and so on. You must re-arrange the boot order in BIOS and choose the device which is bootable. If this doesn’t solve the issue, then you may either get help from the HP Solution center or continue with the methods given below.

Solution 2- Restore BIOS to default settings

  1. First, turn off the computer and wait for a few seconds.
  2. Now, restart the computer and continuously press the F10 key.
  3. By doing this, you will enter the BIOS setup menu.
  4. On this screen, press the F9 key to make the selection.
  5. Select the option that will load the BIOS Setup Default Settings.
  6. Now, press F10 to apply the changes and exit the screen.
  7. Select ‘Yes’ on the next screen and you are done.

Be sure that you restart your computer in the end. Else, visit for more help.

Solution 3- perform a hard reset

I case you are seeing this- “boot device not found please install an operating system on your hard disk” error message on your screen, you can fix it by hard resetting your device.

  1. Turn off your computer or laptop.
  2. If attached, remove any docking station or peripheral device.
  3. Also, unplug the adapter attached to it.
  4. After this, press the power button for 20 seconds.
  5. This will drain out the residual battery from your PC.
  6. Now, press the power button again to start your system.
  7. When the startup menu loads, select ‘Start Windows Normally.’
  8. Hit the ‘Enter’ key or use arrow keys to select this option.

Viola! You have done a great job. Now you won’t find difficulty in booting your system. However, on an off chance, if you run into this problem again, then you may visit or seek HP Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove the hard drive from the hp laptop?

  1. First, take out the battery.
  2. Then, remove the service door appropriately.
  3. Now, remove the screws from the hard drive guard.
  4. Next, slide the hard drive backward.
  5. Then, unplug the adapter cable firmly.
  6. Now, lift the end of the hard drive and pull it out.

Does a hard reset erase everything on an HP laptop?

Performing a hard reset on an HP laptop will erase every bit from the memory of the laptop. However, if you have saved any personal files or data on it, a hard drive reset won’t affect it. If your laptop has stopped responding or you are seeing boot errors, then performing a hard drive reset will help.

How do I install an operating system on a hard drive?

To install an operating system, you must download its medium first or insert its disk in your PC. Now, turn off your computer, mount and connect the hard drive, and then turn on your computer. Choose the language to install the OS and follow some on-screen prompts.

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