How to Fix the “HP printer installation status- not installed” error?

The error message “HP printer installation status- not installed” means that the printer is not properly installed with your system. There can be several reasons behind this issue. Among all such common reasons, outdated or corrupter driver is the most common one. It may also mean that there can be some issue with the driver and your system might fail to recognize it. If the computer is unable to recognize the driver or does not function properly with it, you will not be able to print your documents using that printer. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some most common causes and troubleshooting methods to fix the problem.

What Causes ‘HP Printer Installation Status- Not Installed’ Error?

There are several reasons that may cause such errors with the HP LaserJet printer or any other printer model. Some of the common reasons that may cause this particular issue are given below. These causes are listed by looking at various user reports and the repair strategies that are used to fix the problem by users finding themselves in a similar situation.

The printer driver is outdated: One of the most common problems that may cause such an error is using a severely outdated driver. Several users have reported that they have managed to fix this cause by installing the latest Windows Update or after updating the driver of the HP OfficeJet printer manually.

Third party app or Windows updates may hold a printing job: In some cases, there can be some corrupter file in your system that can cause this particular error. Since both bad Windows updates and few third-party applications can interfere with your printing job, you need to use a System Restore point to restore your printer to a working state.

Printer entry is glitched: Mainly the installation error like hard disk error on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 system is because of using a glitched printer. Whenever such an error occurs, you cannot print anything, even though your printer will appear in operational status inside Printer & scanners. In such a case, you need to use the Windows Printer Troubleshooter or adding the printer again in the Printer & scanners menu.

How do I Fix Installation Issues in HP Printer?

We have mentioned a list of solutions for you to fix installation issues with your popular printer models, like the HP Photosmart printer. Some of these are given below:

Method 1: Performing Basic Checks

Before we apply any technical troubleshooting to fix the problem, there are some basic checks that you must perform on your HP Envy printer or your printer setup. You can visit to connect your printer with the system. These are:

  • First of all, check the status of the connection between your computer and the printer. In the case of a wireless connection, ensure that all the details (IP address and ports) are properly aligned with the configuration of your printer.
  • Perform a power cycle of your computer and the printer before applying any technical method. There may be some issue with the configuration of your printer which might cause unknown problems. Turn off all the modules and remove the power cable from the devices and wait for 5-10 minutes. Then, again plug in everything and check whether your printer word properly.

Method 2: Cancel All Print Jobs

Whenever you encounter any fatal error during the installation HP printer on Windows 10 system, it is important to cancel all print jobs and then restart your printer. All you have to do is:

  • Go to Devices and printers and then right-click on the printer and click on the See what’s printing button to check all your documents.
  • Now, from the new window that appears on the screen click on the Printer. Then, tap the “Cancel all documents” option.
  • After removing all the pending print jobs, check if your printer is working perfectly.

If none of the above methods have helped you, then you should restore your printer to factory settings. When you restore it to the factory settings, all the existing configurations, profiles, and preferences will be removed automatically. It is also recommended to reset the network connections in order to connect it to your computer manually with the printer.

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