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Be sure to think through what your needs are and what print quality you expect.Compatible cartridges can offer huge savings compared to OEM Cartridges, read the article below for more guidance on the subject.


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OEM Cartridges offers excellent print quality and dependable performance. The reason for this is that printer makers nearly always adapt their ink and toner formulas to match the specific characteristics of each individual printer model.

OEM Cartridges FAQ:

1. What is a OEM cartridge?
2. How costly are OEM cartridges?
3. For what type of printing is OEM cartridges recommended?

What is a OEM Cartridge?

OEM Cartridges (also referred to as Original or Genuine Cartridges) are produced by the original maker of the printer. These cartridges are almost never as cheap as the compatible cartridges. The reason for this is the business model that most big brand printer makers employ. They are prepared to lose money when selling the printer and instead expect to gain profits from the cartridge sales over the life span of the printer.

Cartridge designs are often patented and intentionally designed to make it hard for the end user to refill old cartridges thereby forcing them to buy new ones and tying them to the printer maker. Since designs are patented, discount cartridge manufacturers often reuse and refill the cartridges made by the OEM. This creates a way to open up the ink market without infringing on the patents.

A continuous stream of new printer cartridge models has reached the market since the compatible cartridges took market share. That’s why it normally takes a couple of months before compatible cartridges to new printer models reach the market. The manufacturers need to build a stock of empty printer cartridges before they can produce and sell them in larger quantities.

How costly are OEM cartridges?

OEM cartridges are without doubt more costly compared to buying compatible or remanufactured cartridges. OEM cartridges are generally between 10% – 70% more expensive depending on printer brand and cartridge type.

Find cost comparisons between different cartridge types below:


For what type of printing is OEM cartridges recommended?

InkGuides recommends you to use OEM cartridges if:

  • you need to long term store you prints
  • you have high expectations on the printing results and primarily print in full color
  • you are not price sensitive

Remember that the quality of the ink or toner is only one factor to achieve good printing results. The printing paper also needs to have the correct characteristics in relation to the ink or toner which in turn needs to be suitable for the printer.

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