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Canon BCI-6R, BCI6R, CLI-8R, I9900, PGI-9R
Epson T054720, T0547
HP 51605, C9456A
Pitney Bowes 765-0, 765-3, 793-5, 797-0, 769-0
Xerox 8R7662


About the Red color and its use in printers

Red is a primary color in the RGB and RYB color spaces but not in the CMY and CMYK color systems which is used in printers.

Red ink cartridges are normally only used in printer models where a wider color gamut than normal needs to be produced. These printer models are often high performing photo printers and have up to 8 ink cartridge slots.

Other use for red color cartridges are in postage meters where Pitney Bowes is a major brand.