Ricoh Ink Cartridges

Ricoh Ink Cartridges

Ricoh Printer Cartridges

Ricoh was founded in 1936 in Tokyo by the son of a poor farmer, Kiyoshi Icimura. His first major success was RicoFlex, the first mass-produced twin-lens reflex camera. In 1955 they launched their first copying machine, Ricopy 101. By the 90’s, Ricoh had become the world’s largest producer of copying machines, buying up a large number of smaller companies.

In 1973 the company launched the world’s first fully digital fax machine. 1983 they began selling their first laser printer, the RICOH LP4120. Printers where however not a major focus until 2004, when they bought up Hitachi Printing Solutions, renaming it Ricoh Printing Systems. In 2007, they founded InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture with IBM.

Among their printers are black and white laser printers, color laser printers, multifunction units and printers using the new gel ink technology.

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