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In this article, the third in the Cheap Ink Article series, we give you tips on smart printer software to download and install. These software packages help you get more out of your printer while reducing the consumption of ink / toner, paper and electricity.


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Cheap Ink Article Series:
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Smart printer software and services

The article consists of a collection of links to printer software and services to use for optimizing your printer environment. Our focus is on printing tools that helps you save money and reduce waste.

Smart Printer Software:
» Printer management software and services
» Follow-Me-Printing
» PDF generation
» Other

Printer management software and services

Smart programs to install that automatically scans and highlights sections and pages in documents that are likely to be wasteful. Delete unwanted pages and graphics, print more pages on one paper and preview your printer jobs before sending them to your printer. Larger companies can save up to 20-30 % in reduced printing costs and added efficiency by installing these type of software solutions.


When printing with a Follow-Me-Printing solution, no specific printer is normally selected when starting the print job. Instead, the person requesting the print job goes to any Follow-Me-Printing connected printer and manually starts the printout after authenticating himself.

PDF generation

Download a free PDF maker and start converting documents to PDF instead of faxing or sending paper by snail mail.


Mixed services and programs.

  • PaperCalculator – Free service to calculate environmental impact when choosing different paper types

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