Toshiba Ink Cartridges

Toshiba Ink Cartridges

Toshiba Printer Cartridges

Toshiba was founded in 1939, when Tokyo Denki merged with Shibaura Seisaku-sho. The new company was called Tokyo Shibaura Denki, but was soon nicknamed Toshiba, which in 1978 became their official name. The company expanded strongly, becoming one of Japan’s leading producers of electronic products. Among the things they introduced to Japan are the radar, the digital computer, the microwave, the transistor television, the laptop and the DVD.

In 1979, Toshiba launched their first printer, a dot matrix printer. Today they are selling a wide variety of printer products, including laser printer, ink printer and multifunction products, combining printing, scanning, fax and e-mail in one unit. They have also developed a printer that can erase the image from a paper, so it can be re-used up to 500 times.

Staying in the forefront of technological development, Toshiba remains a strong brand in the printing field.

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