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About GhostScript

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GhostScript is a collection of software packages available under GPL that are based on a interpreter for Adobe Systems famous page descriptive languages PDF and PostScript. GhostScript is today maintained by Artifex Software (who also sell a commercial version of GhostScript) and the user community around GhostScript.

» GhostScript resources and information
» GhostScript related works

GhostScript resources and information

» The Ghostscript home page is where you can download GhostScript (mirror), GSView, GhostView and also find mailing lists and development related information.

» The GHOSTSCRIPT FAQ page and this Wiki will give you an introduction to GhostScript answering questions such as:

  • What is Ghostscript?
  • How can I view a PostScript file?
  • How can I print it to a non-PostScript printer?
  • Can I print just one page of a PS document?
  • How can I print all the odd-numbered pages of a PS document?
  • What's the difference between AFPL and GNU
  • What CJK fonts works on GhostScript?

» The GhostScript manual covers many aspects of Ghostscript, including installation, configuration, build process, applications, and troubleshooting. (Auch auf Deutsch)

» Go to the Artifex Software web page if you want to embed Ghostscript in your commercial software

» GhosScript support forums for finding answers on your questions and particpate in GhostScript talks.

» The GhostScript printer compability guide covers questions such as:

  • Which driver should I use for my {brand} {model} printer?
  • Of the printers on the market, which are compatible with Ghostscript?

» This LinuxPrinting site have loads of technical information, including how-to-print-from-Ghostscript, for just about every printer, from Alps to Xerox.

GhostScript related works

» GV (FTP) is an alternative user-interface for Ghostscript, similar to Ghostview. Source code, you compile (Unix, VMS)

» MacWrite.com has info on Ghostscript for Mac OSX.

» MGV is a Motif interface for Ghostscript. Source code, binaries (Unix)

» GhostFriend is a batch-processing GUI front-end for GhostScript. Select PS and PDF files for conversion to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, WMF, DXF, PCL, RTL. Merge PS and PDF files into one PDF. (MS Win)

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