HP Vivera Inks

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HP Vivera Inks are specifically designed to use with HP Inkjet Printers offering a unique combination of image quality and print longevity.

The Vivera Ink series launched in 2004 with new ink formulations, more nozzles and a new cartridge system now supporting up to 10 ink cartridges in some printer models.


  • 1. Go to the HP Printer Ink Search and choose your HP Printer Series and Model
  • 2. Choose the Cartridge Quantity in the “Qty” filter
  • 3. Choose OEM (Original) in the “Origin” filter

More about HP Vivera Inks Cartridges

HP Vivera Inks are premium made and manufactured by HP for their high end printer series. These printers together with the Vivera Inks and HP Premium Plus Paper have the capacity to create long lasting photo prints that keep the color brilliance for many years ahead.

HP are famous for putting a lot of energy into making their inks pure i.e. free from impurities. The HP Vivera inks are exceptionally pure creating less grainy printouts, high resistance to light fading and fewer ink clogging problems.

HP Vivera Inks can be both Pigment-based or Dye-based. Both ink types produce perfect colors and shades creating a outstanding image quality where:

    • Dye based inks normally have the drawback of making printouts vulnerable to fading. The dye-based Vivera ink series is unique in this context of being able to create brilliant colors at the same time that they are optimized to be fade resistant.
  • The pigment based Vivera Ink offer an even better print durability and longevity as well as water resistant characteristics making the prints perfect for long term storage. HP claims printouts will resist fading for over 200 years if using specific HP paper products.

HP Vivera capable printers are built around a print system using a eight up to ten color technology creating an amazing 72.9 million individual colors. The following color cartridges are used in the eight color cartridge system:

  • Matte Black Cartridge and Photo Black Cartridge
  • Neutral Gray Cartridge
  • Cyan Cartridge and Light Cyan Cartridge
  • Magenta Cartridge and Light Magenta Cartridge
  • Yellow Cartridge

HP Printer Series and Models that can use HP Vivera Ink Cartridges are (Dec 2008):

  • Deskjet: 5740, 5940, 6520, 6540, 6830, 6840, 6940, 6980, 6980DT, 9800
  • Officejet: 6200, 6210, 7210, 7310, 7410
  • Photosmart: 2605, 2608, 2610, 2613, 2700, 2710, 325, 335, 375, 385, 422, 425, 428, 475, 8050, 8150, 8450, 8750, 8753, 8758, Pro B8350
  • PSC: 1600, 1610, 2355

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